Hosted business communication and collaboration solutions

Easy-to-use business communications solution offering lower monthly costs and greatly expanded functionality

Enterprise Features on a small business budget

Average Savings

1 %
Reduction in monthly costs*
1 mo
Return on investment*

*When switching from traditional analog POTs or Cable Internet phone services to DTi’s SIP trunking partners.

Business Phone System Standard Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my current numbers ?

Absolutely!  In fact, federal regulation requires this in most situations.

What happens if the internet goes down at my office, will I still get calls ?

In most situations, yes.  Our data center has multiple internet connections and multiple power sources to ensure they have 99.9% availability.  Even if the internet is down at your office callers can still reach you via our mobile app and have the option to leave voice messages on the phone server.

Callers occasionally get a busy signal when calling our office, will this happen with your system?

Typically NO, but it depends on a number of factors.  Will discuss your unique situation and sizing requirements with recommendations to avoid this issue.

Your competitors charge per extension, why are you different?

We own our servers and have strategic partnerships with the top sip trunking providers in the country.  This affords us the ability to structure more competitive offerings so you pay only for what you need.  Our competitors charge for unlimited usage on EVERY extension.  So, unless EVERYONE in your organization is on the phone ALL day and at the SAME TIME you would be paying way too much.  Most organizations have a 25% – 50% call to user ratio.  Our solutions allow you to size your system accordingly and realize the savings.

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